cs-announce is has been created for students in the Computer Science 
major.  Faculty and SSAs will use this listserv to communicate important 
information relative to the major.   

A "discuss" listserv has also been created through which we will send 
information about such things as job opportunities, internship opportunities, 
and items of more general interest (e.g., a talk or presentation that may be 
of interest to some).  The "discuss" listserv is also available for postings 
from students on topics that may be of interest to others within the major.

The "announce" listserv postings will be sent to all students in the major. 
We plan to use it prudently to avoid creating mailbox clutter.

The membership in the "discuss" listserv is available by subscription.  You 
can subscribe by sending an email to cs-discuss-subscribe@listserv.franklin.edu
or by visiting the cs-discuss list subscription page at: 

In addition, an "alumni discuss" listserv has been created with the 
intention of encouraging alumni to subscribe and stay in touch with one 
another and the program faculty.